Above left: sky and clouds behind stone torri gate, Osaka Castle, Osaka, 2011
Above right: Skyline with high rise tower, Osaka, 2011
Above left: Turtles at Shitennō-ji temple, Osaka, 2011
Above centre: Buddha Daibutsu, Tōdai-ji, Nara, 2011
Above right: Tōdai-ji temple, Nara, 2011
Above left: Monk in the rain, Kyoto, 2011
Above right: geiko in traditional clothing climbs into a waiting cab, Gion, Kyoto, 2011
Above left: train passing,  Fushimi, Kyoto, 2011
Above right: crossing the road, Kyoto, 2011
Above left: late night shopping, Dotonburi, Osaka, 2011
Above centre: Golden Temple, Kyoto, 2011
Above right: sunlight breaks through the trees, Okunion, Mount Kōya, 2011
Above, from left to right:
Preparing octopus balls, Shinsaibashi, Osaka, 2014
Dancing after a hard day at the office, Shinsaibashi, Osaka, 2014
Stopping to take a photograph, Shinsaibashi, Osaka, 2014
Blurred faces, Shinsaibashi, Osaka, 2014
Above left: Girls in traditional kimono pause for a photograph, Arashiyama, 2014
Above right: Chefs take a break, Osaka, 2014
Above left: Fushimi-Inari shrine, Kyoto, 2014
Above centre: Path of torri gates, Fushimi-Inari, Kyoto, 2014
Above right: Torri gates and lantern, Fushimi-Inari, Kyoto, 2014
Above left: Sunlight on the river, Minoo Park, Osaka, 2015
Above right: pathway after dark, Minoo Park, Osaka, 2015
Above left: Katsura River, Arashiyama, 2015
Above right: Moon Crossing Bridge over the Katsura River, Arashiyama, 2015
Above left: Pathway, Okochi Sanso Garden, Arashiyama, 2015
Above right: dead leaves in a pond, Tenryu-ji Temple, Arashiyama, 2015
Above left: River Katsura, Kyoto, 2015
Above right: Mount Shosha viewpoint, Himeji, 2015
Above left: Japanese maple leaf, Philosophers Walk, Kyoto, 2015
Above right: Late night noodle bar, Osaka, 2017
Above left: 15 crows, Osaka Castle Park, Osaka, 2017
Above right: Osaka castle, Osaka, 2017
Above left: sweeping snow and leaves, Koyasan, 2017
Above right: lonely pathway, Minoo, Osaka, 2017
Above left: Tomodachi (friends)
This gentleman walks several kilometers each day to feed his friend the crow, Minoo, 2017
Above centre: contemplating the falls, Minoo Park, Osaka, 2017
Above right: picnic by the falls, Minoo Park, Osaka, 2017
Above left: Outside the castle, Himeji, 2017
Above centre: Rare moment of calm, Himeji castle, 2017
Above right: Himeji castle, 2017
Above left: last light, Nanzen-ji, Kyoto, 2017
Above centre: Artist at work by the canal, Philosophers Walk, Kyoto, 2017
Above right: Geiko walking, Gion, Kyoto, 2017
Above left: Purification, Mantoro festival, Nara, 2017
Above right: traditional water garden in winter, Nara, 2017

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